Good posture for horse riding

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A good equine performance is determined by the balance and communication between rider and horse.  Efficient posture from the rider can assist this line of communication. It is simple the better shape your body is in the easier it is for you to send clear responses to your horse.

Today we will look at improving your thoracic and neck alignment. Your 12 ribs fall in line with your 12 thoracic vertebrae in your spine  and require a lot of agility in all planes of movement.  You need to be able to flex, extend and rotate this area of your spine with little effect to the pelvis.  Picture the elite riders performing their discipline and how they make the most difficult of tasks look calm and easy.  We are going to look at a few simple exercises you can do at home or at a show and a good homework exercise to improve your posture in the saddle.

Standing tall with your hands clasped behind your back, inhale to prepare and as you exhale start to roll your body down beginning Irish the movement of nodding the head forward extend the arms over head as if reaching the linked hands towards the floor. Inhale at the end of the movement and exhale to return back to full standing position that you started in. Repeat 4 times.

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Your second exercise is a wonderful stretch for the chest area, place one hand just a little lower than shoulder height on something stable and then move the body away from the arm.

image image

A great one for maintaining flexibility of the back and shoulders, hold onto a stable surface with arms outstretched and legs under the pelvis, do your best to create a flat back and breath for 3 full deep breaths.


Always good to stretch the back of your legs, your hamstrings. A must.


Our at home exercise requires you to have a roller. Place the roller above the hip line, this can be uncomfortable to begin with as the psoas muscle may be a little tight. If it feels to uncomfortable a good thick beach towel will do the trick. Hands are to armpit or rib area where the elbows can gently rest on the roller. Inhale to prepare and as you exhale extend your spine as demonstrated in the video, inhale at the end of movement and exhale as you return to your start position.


I hope you enjoy these suggestions and remember you may enjoy our online workouts to assist develop good posture that will assist your riding in all disciplines...

Thanks guys Kimberley

kimberley garlickGood posture for horse riding

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