Pilates for Wellbeing Trial Week 1

Discover basics of Pilates from pelvic clocks, bent knee fall outs for pelvic mobility and stability. You will be introduced to movements to improve your deeper core muscles as well as overall abdominal strength in movements like the chest lift. Introduction to upper body strength and head neck and shoulder alignment in quadruped also known as 4 point kneeling. Improve your spinal mobility into basic extension. You will have introduction into roll down and basic balance work.

Designed for overall body wellness

I am eternally grateful to the many people who brighten my life and encourage my Pilates journey.  My clients, and students, the Polestar family,  with special thanks to Brent Anderson who shares his passion and enthusiasm with us all, Shelly Powers who was my very first inspiration in this awesome world of Pilates movement, Dav Cohen my main teacher and mentor and Catherine Gianitto for her dedication to developing Polestar Pilates Australia. Special thank you to my family especially Adam, Maddison, Bridget and Caitlin who not only inspire me but encourage me with all aspects in my life as well as being guinea pigs on new repertoire.

Enjoy the intelligent movement of Pilates.  Xxxxx

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