Towel exercise video

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Dancers feet are like the perfect putter to a golfer. The feet of a dancer can make or break career opportunities. Some dancers are blessed with high arches, strong ankles and perfect toe length however many talented dancers need to work on various aspects of the foot. One easy exercise young dancers can do to assist the strength of the foot is the towel scrunching exercise to assist the intrinsic muscles of the foot.

nathan magerTowel exercise video

My First Blog

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Hi Guys.

As I have mentioned weight loss is the most topical nutrition question.  I have a couple of simple ideas for you to get you started.   You don't even need to go shopping YET.....  Let's start with a couple of lifestyle changes.

1.  Always sit down at the table to eat your meals, NO a stable table resting on your knees doesn't count as a table. No TV when you eat.  It has been proven many times that when eating in front of the TV you are more likely to consume more food than necessary.

2.  Serve your meals on smaller plates, if there is food left in the pots or pans after serving is completed, put it into a container and in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch. Out of sight out of mind.

3.  When you have taken a mouthful, place your cutlery down and finish what is In your mouth before taking another mouthful.  This gives your body time to feel satiety, or fullness and stops us from shovelling food in.

4. Clean your teeth as soon as you finish your meal.


Start with these simple lifestyle changes and we can tackle food intake another time.

nathan magerMy First Blog