Utilising the Pilates Room workouts to your best advantage

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Joseph Pilates developed the exercise format “Contrology” to create a “whole body Health” workout for all. Joseph Pilates suggested that in 10 Pilates sessions you will feel different, 20 Pilates sessions people will notice a difference, 30 Pilates sessions you will have a new body. The words NEW BODY sound a little exaggerated but it is very real when your mind/body communication becomes clearer.

When your mind understands the language to speak to your body it moves more efficiently and then can perform with ease, pain free with better posture. You will gain strength, flexibility and coordination. I guarantee you will feel energised with Pilates in your life.

Getting started. The 10 classes are designed to become more challenging each class. We have called them week 1-week 10. Week 1, the most basic of the classes is designed to introduce the Pilates principles through movement. I suggest you pause and repeat the exercises when needed. There is no time frame. You have the workouts now forever so you do not have to move through the 10 weeks quickly. You all have your own journey to undertake and this format allows you to do that. Gaining the concepts of Pilates through your classes/sessions or online workout in a conscious and controlled environment will eventually enable you to move throughout your day engaging muscles correctly in an unconscious manner.

Understanding the principles behind the Pilates Method is vital to gain maximum benefit. Breathing is the number one priority in movement.

Exercise for breathing is in your week 1 along with some new terminology such as neutral pelvis or spine. I also have a blog on finding your neutral spine.

Terminology such as spinal articulation may be new to you. Spinal articulation is about having your spine move in segments. Often due to imbalance or overactive muscle recruitment our spine moves in large clumps rather than the small segments that the vertebrae (bones in your spine) are meant to do. When this occurs we end up working incorrectly and out of balance that can then lead to discomfort or even injury.

I will always design a workout that challenges all ranges of movement for your body. All planes of movement become more challenging as you progress through the classes. Listen to your body, you may also choose to utilise the exercise you learn earlier if some part of the class is too challenging.

You know what is totally awesome about Pilates is you are not only getting a workout for your body but you are educating yourself about yourself.

I want to create an open line of communication with you. You are not on your own. Stay in touch I can give you hints and advice whenever you need it.

Pilates is special, start today and you will never look back.



kimberley garlickUtilising the Pilates Room workouts to your best advantage

Existing user guidelines for faster server

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Go to your browser and delete all your history/cache and cookies.
Then restart your pilates website page to be able to login.

Once you have logged in you will notice that the videos are now on youtube.
We have changed to youtube servers to provide a quicker viewing experience.

Since the videos are very large it has taken along time to get them into the servers so please accept our deepest apologies.

Due to security reasons we have updated the site with the best membership system we could find. The system constantly updates automatically but once a month there is a manual update which will restrict you from access until done.

So if you are having trouble accessing the site then first do the delete browser history procedure first then contact us via email if any further trouble.

Thank you for your patients.

kimberley garlickExisting user guidelines for faster server

Keeping your back happy when your are a horse rider

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You may get your horse treated by the horse osteopath but do you take care of yourself to lessen the burden on your horse. You may begin as an agile person riding a horse but over time our spine may begin to complain when your daily routine requires you be in the saddle.   Our young rider here Bridget Garlick is 15 years old and has challenged range of motion in her spine through the coronal and transverse plane, (she finds it tricky to bend right and left and through rotation).   As you work with your horse your spine is acting as an efficient shock absorber until it becomes rigid and will no longer create the natural piston movement through your horses paces.  This can then lead to pain or discomfort in your back and make communication with your 4 legged friend more challenging.  Today I have a few suggested exercises to increase your spinal mobility.

Sit with legs as wide as you can manage.  Roll your spine into flexion (round your back as you bend forward) place your hands on the floor and reach.  Then try the same action with your spine but with straight legs.   In this movement you are creating space between the vertebrae, when the muscles of the back are tight this can give you a nerve like sensation right up into your skull.  Persevere with this stretch. I recommend you create the position and try to hold for 3-5 deep long breaths, inhale through the nose and our through the mouth,  remember to drop your head never look up in this stretch please.

spilt side

Utilising a thero band reach the band to the ceiling above the crown of your head. Keep the thero band tort and try to take your arms behind you.  Your goal is to keep your body still as your arms move through the shoulder joint.

unnamed unnamed1 unnamed2

The following movement is to encourage the side bend.  This lateral movement may be limited due to either tightness or weakness of muscles or it may be both.

Sitting in the wide leg position reach toward one leg and create a side bend with your body.  Things to remember keep your bottom firm into the floor.  Keep your body in a side bend,avoid leaning back or forward.

unnamed3 unnamed4
Remember you should not ever feel pain.  Seek the guidance of your local practitioner to assist your improve your mobility and remember to try our online workout.

Happy days to be had when your body is free to move. X Kimberley

kimberley garlickKeeping your back happy when your are a horse rider

Assisting turnout for dancers

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Turn out is essential for dancers especially ballet and contemporary genres. Turn out is asking the ball and socket joint of the hip to externally rotate to its maximum potential and then place movement and load into that scenario. Therefore the dancers not only need flexibility but also strength in this position.

Turn out muscles are and here is a picture of the anatomy. Some people have excellent flexibility of the hip but lack the strength to hold their turnout whilst dancing. Others need to work on the mobility of the hip joint through flexibility. It is good to balance the dancer workout with both strength and flexibility of the hip joint.

It is important that the lower back isn't over working in compensation of poor flexibility or strength in the turn out muscles. Other joints such as knee and ankle can also be compromised if the hip joint isn't providing the turnout and the dancer is trying to create a similar look through the incorrect avenues eg knees or ankles,

Here are some exercises to assist with turnout.

It is great to utilise a roller if you do not have access to one you can always do these exercises on the floor.

With the roller under the sacrum, which is the bony structure above the buttocks but be sure not to place it in the small of the back. Have the feet together in a small 1st position then float the leg into attitude devant then slide it under the supporting leg with turn out. Be sure to keep your pelvis balanced, settle the ribs so the back is not arching.

q q2 q5q4

Place your legs in a figure 4 position and then
Draw the legs towards you and feel a stretch for the buttocks.

1 2
Now to take the stretch further, cross the legs and if you would like to take the stretch further cross your midline.

r r1

Sitting in froggy keep a long position of your spine as you hinge forward at the hips and bring your nose to your knees.

unnamed unnamed1
Lie on your front and whilst maintaining activity through the lower abdominals and keeping your pelvis neutral where you feel your pubic bone on the floor take your legs into a reverse froggy. It is important one does not arch their back. I do not suggest you do this in extension of the back it is about keeping the pelvis still whilst asking for turn out of your femur (thigh) bone in the hip.


Remember when developing yourself or other dancers it is not about experiencing pain. I do not believe in the saying no pain no gain. Smart training should allow you to achieve the best results without pain. Yes, you will feel discomfort but challenges and determination is part of reaching goals.


kimberley garlickAssisting turnout for dancers

My knees ache…

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The knee is a hinge joint but we tend to ask so much more of it than it is bio mechanically made for.   As a hinge joint it is meant to flex and extend however we accidentally ask it to twist and turn when we develop poor posture or have an unforeseen trip up a stair, down a gutter or wear a pair of shoes that place our knee into unusual alignment.  Like the rest of your body it gives and gives until it says "hey there, you are messing with me so here is a little taste of pain before you completely stuff me up".  It is the early signs of discomfort that you need to address immediately to avoid serious problems with this joint.  If you have had reoccurring pain in your knee and do not get relief from the suggested exercises I suggest seeking the guidance of your local practitioner ASAP.

When we walk we are asking a range of movements to occur systematically and automatically.  Sometimes we need to think about how we walk to assist our bodies in establishing  a more productive movement pattern.   Ensure we are moving through the ankle therefore don't shuffle, think of how you are distributing your weight through the foot, are you too far on your toes or heels?   It is ideal to have your patella (knee cap) falling in line with your second toe, careful y aren't rolling in or out at the foot or ankle, all of these thoughts assist the mechanical tracking.  Even your spinal posture can assist how you are weight bearing through your lower limbs.  Remember to keep tall, try not to look down, look up and forward.  Take a look at some of other blogs to assist with posture.

The 1st suggested exercise is the ITB (iliotibial band) rolling.  It is in fact rolling much more than the ITB, however it has adopted this name in the industry so you may have heard of it or even been suggested to do it.  As in the pictures provided set up on a straight underneath leg close to your hip.  Allowing as little or as much of your body weight to be on the roller, then begin rolling out the tissue down the side of the leg down to the knee.  The first time you may be surprised how painful it is.  The more painful it is the most likely you need to do it often to assist your knees to be happy again.  Remember, always breath..............

unnamed unnamed 1 unnamed2

This rolling exercise is to assist the alignment of the knees if your adductors,the muscles on the inside of your  leg are overworking and have become tight they too can cause a tracking issue for the bones in your legs.
As in the pictures, lie on your side with the knee and shin resting at a right angle in line with your hip that is on the ground.  Again this can be very painful so add as little or as much weight as you feel is appropriate.  Allow your inner thigh to be massaged towards the groin.  Yes and you guessed it do not hold your breath through the challenging areas.

2 3 4

Now we want to roll out your calf muscles.  This is quite simple and nice in comparison to the other two above exercises.   You can sit against a wall or just have your hands behind you start with the roller length ways under your knees and roll the legs in and away from one another move the roller downwards about 5 cm at a time and repeat.  Some areas will be juicier than others allow your mind and body to stick with it until it becomes less bumpy.

p p2

Hope your knees start to allow you to enjoy your walks and general life activities again.  Remember your body is whole and if an area is causing you grief you generally need to look at the whole picture.  Begin your online workouts with me and feel the difference.

Happy days xxxxxx


kimberley garlickMy knees ache…

Nutrition for busy people

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Ok this is a non complicated nutritional approach for basic health and wellness.  Let's get our heads out of the books for a moment and into the real world.  Hands up if you feel there is not enough time in your day to even get the washing done and then you are expected to read a book on how to eat as well. Throw in a mix of children, work, animals and for some of you crazies a little bit of study and life spins in circles and our health is your last port of call.  Don't get me wrong, if I had a permanent chef I would be happy to eat Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gourmet whatever, and I am a little spoilt by a husband who loves to cook, well some of the time.   I love food and all types of it.  But I have to budget both time and money around 3 girls, husband and work.  I am a nutritionist and choose to eat healthy options for both taste and health.

I believe 90% of your health and image comes from what we put into your mouth.  Life can deal a harsh hand to some of us due to no fault of our own but most of the time you are the captain of your own vessel.   I would like to say that healthy living is not complicated you know what to do, it is just making that decision to do it.
Some of this is going to sound so so so, simple that you may be thinking I already know that, so my question to you is why aren't you doing it?

Number 1.  No more fast food.......oh how obvious is that but you may be one of the billions of people who still choose to eat there.

Number 2. Make your lunch, you are going to save yourself so much money you may be able to pay of your credit card or go on a holiday.

Number 3. Limit the food you eat from a large commercial supermarket.  Decrease the packeted food in your life.

Number 4. Stop making excuses, chocolate, chips, cake and fizzy drinks will not give you energy and will not cheer you up and they are not a reward.

Number 5. If you are over 45 you may not get back to pre wedding weight after children.  Be realistic and love your body as a woman not as a teenager.

Number 6.  Yes you have to move to be healthy.  Get the feel good hormones running through your body again by exercising.  Start today not tomorrow.

Number 7.  Avocado is awesome but you don't need a whole 1/2 an avocado on toast, 1/4 is sufficient.

Number 8. I too love the nutri bullet, but it is a meal replacement not a bonus shake.

Number 9. I agree drink and eat the real stuff, eg milk and cheese but be aware of how much you consume they are high in fat.

Number 10.  Stir fry for dinner is so quick and simple, I throw what ever veggies I have and then chicken breast and a handful of nuts.  Voila, you have the quickest healthiest no complex carbohydrate dinner ever.  Or stuck for time an omelette, yum.......

If you have the time to read and experiment go for it, I know in the holidays I love to explore FOOD, however if you are time poor, more pressure is not going to help.  You  know the difference between healthy and not healthy food options, LISTEN and don't give in to the thought of "it is quick and easy" or "cheaper".  The time it takes to drive and wait for a burger meal is more that a quick stir fry at home.  An apple is cheaper than a chocolate, fill up your water bottle it is cheaper than a soft drink.
photo 2-2
Happy healthy eating to you all.  Xxxxxxx

kimberley garlickNutrition for busy people

Assisting Lower Back Discomfort

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Many clients begin their Pilates journey due to back pain and many people discover that their lack of moving is contributing to their discomfort. A common error people make when they experience back pain is to go and lie down and not move at all. The body is much happier when moving. The chair can be both your friend and enemy. When it is in your life too often it may cause your body to form negative postural habits. Unlearning these patterns and re~training the neural pathways to the sleepy muscles can take time.

Good posture is your key to claiming back your life.

Step 1.  Stand side on to a full length mirror and look at the natural contours of your spine. Everyone has their own individual neutral spine alignment but here are some things to consider.
# A natural curve in the neck! not too flat or extended
# Ears fall in line with the shoulders
# Ribs calmly sitting overtop of pelvis
# Sternum in line with pubic bone
# Leg alignment through to ankle where knees track in line with 2nd toe

Step 2.  To assist your posture imagine you have a string attached to the bottom of your spine and interlaces through each vertebra extending out the crown of the head. The string continues to pull you towards the ceiling or sky. Think of that analogy throughout your day and feel the difference immediately.

I can also suggest the following exercises for you on the roller.

Place the roller under the sacrum, think of the bony area at very top edge of the bottom, it does not go in the small/arch of your back.

1. Hug one knee to your chest and try as much as possible to lengthen the other leg out straight towards the floor. Hold between 30 sec and 1 minute


photo 1-2


2. Cross the bent knee over your mid line. Keep your tail curling under be sure bottom arch your back.

photo 2-1


3. Hamstring stretch with or without towel

photo 4-1           photo 3



In all the exercises remember to focus on your breathing to allow your muscles to relax. A relaxed muscle is a lot more obliging.

Remember to keep your bodies moving, if pain persists even after stretching seek the advice of your medical practitioner.

Happy days xxx

kimberley garlickAssisting Lower Back Discomfort

Good posture for horse riding

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A good equine performance is determined by the balance and communication between rider and horse.  Efficient posture from the rider can assist this line of communication. It is simple the better shape your body is in the easier it is for you to send clear responses to your horse.

Today we will look at improving your thoracic and neck alignment. Your 12 ribs fall in line with your 12 thoracic vertebrae in your spine  and require a lot of agility in all planes of movement.  You need to be able to flex, extend and rotate this area of your spine with little effect to the pelvis.  Picture the elite riders performing their discipline and how they make the most difficult of tasks look calm and easy.  We are going to look at a few simple exercises you can do at home or at a show and a good homework exercise to improve your posture in the saddle.

Standing tall with your hands clasped behind your back, inhale to prepare and as you exhale start to roll your body down beginning Irish the movement of nodding the head forward extend the arms over head as if reaching the linked hands towards the floor. Inhale at the end of the movement and exhale to return back to full standing position that you started in. Repeat 4 times.

image image

Your second exercise is a wonderful stretch for the chest area, place one hand just a little lower than shoulder height on something stable and then move the body away from the arm.

image image

A great one for maintaining flexibility of the back and shoulders, hold onto a stable surface with arms outstretched and legs under the pelvis, do your best to create a flat back and breath for 3 full deep breaths.


Always good to stretch the back of your legs, your hamstrings. A must.


Our at home exercise requires you to have a roller. Place the roller above the hip line, this can be uncomfortable to begin with as the psoas muscle may be a little tight. If it feels to uncomfortable a good thick beach towel will do the trick. Hands are to armpit or rib area where the elbows can gently rest on the roller. Inhale to prepare and as you exhale extend your spine as demonstrated in the video, inhale at the end of movement and exhale as you return to your start position.


I hope you enjoy these suggestions and remember you may enjoy our online workouts to assist develop good posture that will assist your riding in all disciplines...

Thanks guys Kimberley

kimberley garlickGood posture for horse riding

Getting you started

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This is a simple Blog to assist you in getting started with your online workouts.

In each workout there is quite a few exercises to keep your mind and body active,
However if you are venturing into the Pilates world for the first time I suggest you do the first couple of exercises then pause, practice, play until you feel a little more comfortable with the movement.

Remember it is not a race. These Pilates workouts have
Been designed to progress you at a safe rate. There is no time limit so take your time.

All you need is a comfortable surface and either a phone, iPad, computer, laptop or TV. Voila you are set......image

I suggest you have a towel handy to roll up under your head, or buttocks ect, the towel can assist you achieve movements your body may find tricky.

Remember to breathe. No matter what you are doing do not hold your breath. You never want to feel any pain. Pilates is about giving you a positive movement experience ensure you nurture your body into wellness never force it..

Give yourself a realistic target, try to do the program as often as possible but it is ok if you can not get to your workout as plan

ned as I am always just a click away to give you your workout anywhere at anytime,

I am here for you. Ask questions remember to join our Facebook as we give little quick tips via Facebook often,

I want you to succeed, share your stories, thank you. Smiles, Kimberley

kimberley garlickGetting you started

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

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Summer has arrived and therefore the most commonly asked question is "how do I lose weight"?  I guarantee you will decrease the inches and change the scales if you do the following.

1.  Introduce Green tea and decrease the number of cafe lattes per day - Green tea has a group of antioxidants which may have several effects for weight loss, not to mention they are potent antioxidants.

2. Try using more cinnamon, black pepper - Cinnamon has been used for more than 4000 years and is great aid for blood sugar management.  Black Pepper is highly regarded in having the ability to induce the feeling of satiety (fullness).

3. Garcinia Cambogia has the ability to enhance your wight loss, BEWARE look for a product containing standardised levels of HCA.  This is derived from the rind of the gardenia fruit and has been shown to reduce appetite when taken doses of 1200-1800mg per day.  Check it out

food-image-11 - Copy


4.  BE HONEST with yourself.  Do a food diary it will help you track your food intake. 80-90% of weight loss is to do with what you put in your mouth.

5. You Need to move more.  Also choose movement that puts a smile on your face, guarantee if you enjoy it you will continue to do it for longer.

6. Portions?????  Remember you are no longer doing the activity you may have done 10 years ago, your fuel intake must be reduced.  NO MORE SECOND HELPINGS. 🙂  Smaller plate size will assist you with this.

7. Your protein should only be the size of the palm of your hand.

8. WATER,WATER, WATER....... If you don't like water put a some lemon in for taste, you may also like to try the Amazonia Raw Slim and Tone in your water.  Helps the feeling of fullness.

9.  If you are honestly trying all the above over a period of 3 months with no change, seek the guidance of your medical Practitioner as there may be an undiagnosed medical issue.

10.  Enjoy the good FOOD,  Lots of colour, minimise the colour of white on your plate and increase the colour GREEN.

Happy Eating.....


kimberley garlickWhy Can’t I Lose Weight?