My knees ache…

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The knee is a hinge joint but we tend to ask so much more of it than it is bio mechanically made for.   As a hinge joint it is meant to flex and extend however we accidentally ask it to twist and turn when we develop poor posture or have an unforeseen trip up a stair, down a gutter or … Read More

kimberley garlickMy knees ache…

Nutrition for busy people

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Ok this is a non complicated nutritional approach for basic health and wellness.  Let’s get our heads out of the books for a moment and into the real world.  Hands up if you feel there is not enough time in your day to even get the washing done and then you are expected to read a book on how to … Read More

kimberley garlickNutrition for busy people

Assisting Lower Back Discomfort

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Many clients begin their Pilates journey due to back pain and many people discover that their lack of moving is contributing to their discomfort. A common error people make when they experience back pain is to go and lie down and not move at all. The body is much happier when moving. The chair can be both your friend and … Read More

kimberley garlickAssisting Lower Back Discomfort

Good posture for horse riding

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A good equine performance is determined by the balance and communication between rider and horse.  Efficient posture from the rider can assist this line of communication. It is simple the better shape your body is in the easier it is for you to send clear responses to your horse. Today we will look at improving your thoracic and neck alignment. … Read More

kimberley garlickGood posture for horse riding

Getting you started

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This is a simple Blog to assist you in getting started with your online workouts. In each workout there is quite a few exercises to keep your mind and body active, However if you are venturing into the Pilates world for the first time I suggest you do the first couple of exercises then pause, practice, play until you feel … Read More

kimberley garlickGetting you started