Spinal Mobility for life Performance

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trim.05397F3C-F480-4CFB-A3F3-EA7EED21EC59″You are only as young as your spine is flexible” said Joseph Pilates. Age is irrelevant when we speak of movement quality. I see clients aged 6 years to 96 years and everyone of them is different in their movement patterns. As Joseph Pilates simply stated your spine is a major part of your movement quality. Move, move, the more … Read More

kimberley garlickSpinal Mobility for life Performance

Nutrition tip on sweet cravings

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You develop a sweet tooth by eating sugar too often. Now the time has come to decrease your sugar intake and re-regulate a healthier sugar level within your body. If you maintain a good level of low gi (glycemic index) food in your diet your cravings will be easier to control as you won’t be hungry. Low gi food simply … Read More

kimberley garlickNutrition tip on sweet cravings