Nutrition and your metabolism

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Nutrition does not need to be complicated. 90% of the time be good 10% of the time let your hair down. Never skip breakfast and feed your metabolism every 3-4 hours with wholesome food like 5 – 10 almonds or an apple. When it comes to dinner time try to eat before 7pm and make this meal full of good … Read More

kimberley garlickNutrition and your metabolism

Pilates – Neutral spine

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Neutral spine is common vocabulary in the world of Pilates. Many people have their own personal view of neutral spine. I am going to share my interpretation of netural spine for Pilates. Neutral spine is the natural formation of optimal spinal alignment in an individuals body. Lets for a moment think more skeletal than muscular. Picture the skeleton lying on … Read More

kimberley garlickPilates – Neutral spine