Theroband video 1

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Utilising the elastic/ theroband provides a resistance in working the foot into a point position and then assistance in flexing the foot back improving ankle mobility and some dancers may also feel a calf and achilles stretch.

nathan magerTheroband video 1

Improving your demi point

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It is essential to develop a strong demi-point position in young dancers.  Establishing a strong Demi-point position is an important foundation that will assist in advance repertoire when they get older.

nathan magerImproving your demi point

Towel exercise video

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Dancers feet are like the perfect putter to a golfer. The feet of a dancer can make or break career opportunities. Some dancers are blessed with high arches, strong ankles and perfect toe length however many talented dancers need to work on various aspects of the foot. One easy exercise young dancers can do to assist the strength of the … Read More

nathan magerTowel exercise video